Containers storage

REFMASTER provides an opportunity:

  • Warehousing of containers
  • Lifting on, drop off containers
  • Possibility of re-entry of goods from container to container

This service allows the owners of the reefers do necessary actions for changing the transport, reloading and re-sorting the contents of the reefer directly in our depot with the possibility of controlling the refrigeration system by the company’s specialists.

Also, it is possible to connect a refrigerated container to the power supply network, which allows storing reefer in depot for a long time.

This service is especially relevant in the process of import-export in the loaded state. The company’s depot is located in a well-lit protected area. Thus, you can save on storing during transportation.

Containers storage Containers storage

Storage of refrigerated containers and their connection

Our company provides services storage of refrigerated containers in Odessa in the territory of our depot. We have low storage costs for refrigerated and dry containers. This service gives you the opportunity to carry out refilling, storage before delivery to the port, conducting the PTI test of refrigerated containers. Warehousing refrigerated containers in Odessa is simple and convenient, and most importantly provides many advantages.

Connection of live containers in Odessa

This service makes it possible to store loaded refrigerated containers, because we connect them to the power supply for continuous operation. The service Connect LCD in Odessa makes it possible to monitor refrigerated containers if necessary. All refrigerated containers are located on the territory of our depot, which is illuminated and is under protection.