PTI test and controls

The PTI is actually an extensive check of both the container and the machinery. This inspection ensures that the reefer machinery is running properly at correct settings and that the container is clean and undamaged.

Diagnosis is carried out at the request of the owner of the refrigerator equipment and can be carried out both in the port territory and in the depot of REFMASTER in Odessa, Kiev, Dnepr and Kharkov. Also, technical assistance can be provided by phone in 24/7 mode.

PTI includes:

  • Activation of PTI TEST controller;
  • Test the controller software;
  • Diagnosis of the technical state of the reefer;
  • Check the tightness of the refrigeration system;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leaks with refueling of the system;
  • Diagnostics of working capacity of electrical circuits, devices, diagnostics of electrical connections;
  • Setting of protection devices and automatical devices;
  • Checking the operating modes of reefer.

At the end of the PTI, after correcting errors and damages, mechanic puts on security seals.

The refrigerated container is ready to use.